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Children's Author

What other Barbour can do his work from the top of a spiral staircase?

Dan Raphael children's Author

A Children's Book

Francois, a peculiar blue character, decides he will prove to the world that he is the worlds greatest barber. How will he do this? He will perform every haircut from the top of a spiral staircase.

Dan Raphael Children's Author

About the Author

Dan Raphael (a children's author) is a Minnesota born artist and writer. He has been an avid oil painter of over 30 years. which he has used during his long bouts of writer's block. Self-taught, and inquisitive, His thinking has kept him out of the box, busily self-actualized. His background is in recovering a sense of self and making sense of the world around him. In his art and life pursuits, he is always looking for sources of inspiration, be it in culture or traveling with an appreciation for the world.