Visiting Minneapolis?  Stop into the Minneapolis studio to view over 150 original works!  Schedule your appointment via email or call/text the number above.

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Dan Raphael ~ Original Oils

Art is a race against complacency.


Ballerino,  Swan Lake.  48″x 48″  oil on wood.iArtView-181005070716

Original oils on canvas and wood.  Smaller works starting at $300.

Contact me for work availability.




Giraffe #2  36″ x 80″  oil on wood.





I consider myself a traditionalist compelled by whimsy. My daily experiences replay themselve. Recombining to manifest these journal entries.

My work consists of deconstructive, bold use of paint coupled with illusory use of light. I still want to the viewer to see the puppet strings.  I think that is where the  emotion of my work comes from.

I love that Painting is such an age old medium. That timelessness makes me feel connected somehow, with a greater sense of presence.

Commissions available.

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