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Dan Raphael. Artist.

Art Santa Fe 2019

Award Winner 2019

Dan Raphael Artist. Dan Raphael, a Minneapolis resident, was born in Duluth Minnesota.  A pursuer of 2-dimensional art for 20 years, Dan started his legacy with pencil illustration, moving on to pastel, watercolor and now, oil.  Raphael is a “self-actualized artist, having gleaned his progression from personalized technical study to inspirations from his favorite impressionists, and modern artists.  

In 2004, Raphael journeyed to Giverny, France, the lasting home of Monet, to study the gardens that were such inspiration to one of his favorite artists.  His work has been shown in Minneapolis as well as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Southhampton, where he received honorable mention in Southhampton Press for Best Male Nude Study.

"My artwork is a steady demonstration of my innate optimism. I am comfortable with that limited knowledge, enough to let it continue on its own purpose. I make contributions, but in the end the artwork does what it wishes." - Dan Raphael

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